Why Choose Us?

We don't ride the elephants.

Riding the elephants is a cruel practice which hurts the elephants and is detrimental to their long term health.  It also requires an inhuman process to break the elephant before they can be ridden.

Watch the video for more info:

All proceeds go directly back into the sanctuary.

Unlike most elephant sanctuaries, our main concern isn't profit.  We reinvest money we receive to give our elephants the best lives possible and to rescue more elephants from hardship.

We are a family-owned, Karen business supporting the Karen community.

The majority of elephant parks in Chiang Mai are owned by one or two big-business owners.  Our sanctuary is different.  We are a family owned company who have been looking after elephants for generations - not simply when it became profitable to do so.  We rely heavily on the Karen community for the success of our sanctuary and are committed to giving back.

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