Live and sleep in the elephant sanctuary, getting to know the elephants away from the crowds.  Learn from the Mahouts and immerse yourself into Hill Tribe food and culture.

What you can expect when you volunteer:

Take care of the elephants

Living in the sanctuary you will be:

  • Moving the elephants every morning from the sleeping pastures to the river.

  • Washing the elephants in the river.

  • Harvesting sugarcane and preparing it for the elephants to eat.

  • Assisting the mahouts with the day tours.

  • Preparing natural herbal medicine for the elephants.

  • Learning how to tend basic ailments for the elephants.

  • Gaining the basic commands to control the elephants in the Karen Language.

  • Moving the elephants to the sleeping pastures. 

Teach English

Giving back to the community

Our elephant sanctuary is an important part of the local Karen community.  As such we visit the local villages at least once a week where there is the opportunity to teach the local children English.

Work in the eco-farms

Ensuring sustainability

Karen tribes have been self-sufficient for hundreds of years through their traditional farming practices.  There is the opportunity to witness this life style and even get your hands dirty if you like!

Experience Karen Hill Tribe Culture

Immerse yourself

The Karen Hill Tribes are renowned for their hospitality.  At least once a week, we trek to one of the local villages where you will be welcomed into a family home, to eat the locally grown produce and experience a lifestyle and culture that has changed very little with the centuries.



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